Mission Statement


To be a center of excellence in technology development, dissemmination and training in tobacco and other export oriented crops in Malawi and the region.

Mission Statement

To promote the sustainable production of tobacco and other high value export agricultural crops for the realization of improved farm profits while conserving natural resources and protecting the environment.

ARET'S Objectives

  • To develop appropriate technologies and acquire information to support and sustain high production levels of good quality tobacco by all farmers.
  • To disseminate ‘yield and quality-improving’ technologies and information to all farmers for increased productivity of tobacco.
  • To provide technical services to tobacco farmers and other stakeholders for sustaining the profitability of their farming enterprise.
  • To generate technologies that reduce cost of production and minimize deterioration of natural resources such as land, soil, trees and water.
  • To strengthen linkages between researchers, extension agents, farmers, policy makers and agro-input dealers.