Organisational Structure

To deliver on its mandate ARET is organized as follows: 

  • Board of Trustees which sets policy and approves programmes,
  • Executive Management which runs the daily operations of the Trust,
  • Members of staff in various departments who are responsible for implementing all activities.

Currently the Board of Trustees consists of eight members representing various Trustee organizations as follows: 

  • TAMA has 4 members
  • Ministry of Agriculture has 2 members
  • TEAM has 1 member
  • NASFAM has 1 member

The Trust’s Executive Management is headed by a Chief Executive Officer and has five departments as follows:

  • Research & Technical Services headed by the Head of Research and Technical Services (HRTS)
  • Extension & Specialist Services headed by the Head and Extension and Specialist Services (HESS)
  • Mwimba College of Agriculture headed by the College Principal.
  • Internal Business Unit headed by the Internal Business Officer (IBDO)

  • Finance and Administration headed by the Finance and Administration Manager (FAM)
Staffing Levels
  • ARET currently has 188 member of staff on permanent basis and over 400 casual labourers